Wieden + Kennedy Headquarters
  • On:  04. 10. 2011
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Wieden + Kennedy Headquarters

The Portland-based agency Wieden+Kennedy has been pumping out amazing work wince 1982. Their most recent fame has come from their creation and management of the Old Spice guy advertisements with Isaiah Mustafa. If you’re interested in how that ad was filmed, check out Leo Laporte’s coverage here.
Built out of an old warehouse, the office space takes up the four of the five stories and houses around 400 employees. Using the historic 1908 shell, Allied Works created a space that give teams of employees defined spaces while keeping them connected with the open architecture. The center atrium, which is used for everything from company meetings to community events to orchestra performances, connects all four floors into a cohesive whole.

The company boasts a number of fantastic art pieces that take the building from cold and austere to a more fun and creative environment, and the entryway is used to display the face of the company’s many employees.
Source: Office Snapshots

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